Monday, April 16, 2012

Saha's Annaprasana

Last Thursday (12th April 2012) we had 'AnnaPrasana' for Sahaana, from that day we officially started feeding rice & all other food items.
This function was held at Pragathi Nagar-Hyderabad. My entire family gathered to make the day a memorable & happiest day.
From ancestors believe is whatever the kid touches that day he/she will become the same in the career. In this process we placed Shuttle bat, Stethoscope, Money, Silver Cup, Gold, Bhagvadgeeta book, Pen, Geometry box & Book.
Sahaana was first touched Bhagvadgeetha book immediately she removed her hand & tried to touch the silver cup but she suddenly turned and touched Stethoscope, after that she touched Money, Shuttle bat & Silver cup.
So, we hope in future Sahaa will become a doctor (Dr. Sahaana Kokkula... :) :))
After this process we started feeding rice, the first spoon was feeded by my mom & dad and then all other my family members were feeded.


   Sahana with her Mom...


  Mom & Daddy Blessings to Saha:




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  • vidya says:
    April 22, 2012 at 10:48 AM

    Sincerely I said She is Rocking & Rocks always so Photos very nice & Cute,finally she is looking awesome

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