Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy B'day Mamma..

Last Friday we celebrated Shirisha’s birthday, this birthday is very special for us because after Saaha’s arrival this is the first birthday in our home. Cake cutting is done by Saaha.

You know one thing, actually Saaha sleeps between 10 – 11 PM but on that day she doesn’t sleep till 12.30 AM, she slept immediately after the completion of cake cutting, we surprised for her behaviour  she made the day very very memorable for us.

One hurting thing also there, before Cake cutting when I was decorating the room some balloons are blotted with big sound for that Saaha  cried like anything, till the decoration completed she cried for 4 times but after completion of the decoration she was very happy. She felt very happy and excited when she saw the Cake with lighted candles.

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